Previously, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos: the founder of Virgin Galactic flew into space on his ship. Or is it not space?

Previously, only countries participated in the space race; currently, private corporations who are creating their own spacecraft are joining in. Yesterday, July 11th, Virgin Galactic’s mission was successfully completed. Virgin Galactic is a company that is planning tourist flights into space in the future.

How it was

This is, in fact, the first flight with passengers aboard. There were four people on board, in addition to the pilots: Virgin Galactic personnel. Richard Branson, the 71-year-old founder of the Virgin Group, is one of them.

«As a kid, I used to fantasize of stars staring at me. Now I’m travelling to a spaceship and marveling at our magnificent planet. Imagine what the next generation of dreamers can accomplish if we have accomplished this.»

During the mission, the VSS Unity ship with passengers and pilots climbed to a height of about 15–20 kilometers from a support carrier aircraft, then disengaged from the accelerator and achieved an altitude of about 80 kilometers with the help of a jet engine. The crew members experienced weightlessness for several minutes until the ship gently plummeted back to Earth. As a consequence, the ship successfully landed at Virgin Galactic’s New Mexico spaceport.


However, there are presently debates over whether or not this journey should be classified as a space mission. The problem is that the International Aeronautical Federation’s internationally recognized space barrier begins at a height of 100 kilometers. However, according to FAA and NASA rules, space begins at 80 kilometers.

In any case, Branson made history as the first billionaire to send his own spacecraft into orbit. Even at Ilona Mask, such an experience has yet to occur. However, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon and Blue Origin, will take a comparable voyage on July 20. He will travel to space on the ship New Shepard with several passengers, including his brother, 82-year-old American pilot Wally Funk, and an unidentified bidder who paid up to $ 28 million for a ticket.

By the way, Virgin Galactic hopes to launch the first tourist flights into space next year. The cost of a ticket is expected to be around $ 250,000.

Source: Virgin Galactic