Now available on iOS, disappearing after reading WhatsApp chats

Last November, the disappearing messages emerged in the WhatsApp messenger, and the data sent can be automatically removed after seven days. WhatsApp for Android provided the ability to delete messages automatically after seeing them earlier this year. It has now been revealed that users of the popular messenger on iOS devices will soon have access to the same feature.

According to sources, the ability to erase messages automatically debuted in one of WhatsApp’s iOS beta versions. Users of WhatsApp for iOS can already enable the corresponding parameter in the settings to have their photographs and videos immediately removed after the recipient has viewed them.

Unlike auto-delete WhatsApp messages, which are removed after seven days, single-view photographs and videos are deleted as soon as they are closed. When the recipient of such a communication views it, the sender will receive a notification. If the recipient needs to save the data received in the fading message, he or she will be able to capture a screenshot.

Users of WhatsApp’s beta version for iOS devices can access the new functionality right now. It’s still unclear when it’ll make its way into the messenger’s stable versions. This is expected to happen once the developers have completed the tool’s extensive testing.