News and sports must be rethought in streaming, according to HBO Max’s president.

News and sports must be rethought in streaming, according to HBO Max’s president.

HBO Max has been scratching its head recently, attempting to find out the ideal format in which to offer some of its content. There are still doubts regarding how news and sports content should be delivered on the streaming platform, according to one of WarnerMedia’s executives, because the logic with cable TV is fundamentally different.

Last Thursday, during a presentation to shareholders, the topic came up (3rd). Andy Forssell, the executive in charge of HBO Max, stated that the biggest issue is adapting these well-established notions of programs and content to new formats that satisfy the expectations of the audience that will consume them on a digital platform. According to him, a change is required, and one is now being planned.

In the case of sports, Forssell emphasizes that the goal is not to just reproduce what Turner Sports accomplished previously, but other content must be linked to the draw, and everything is different in the digital age. It’s the same with news. CNN is also linked by WarnerMedia in the United States, and the business is debating whether the broadcaster’s content can stand alone outside of HBO Max.

This is because WarnerMedia’s major focus, according to the executive, is on streaming videos, necessitating this shift in logic surrounding content that only has a limited lifespan. One of the ideas being discussed behind the scenes at CNN is that journalists and presenters may create content and even programs on a variety of themes and interests, in order to broaden the public’s options.

Finally, Forssell stated that the years 2021 and 2022 should be full of experimentation, not just for HBO Max, but for all media firms with a streaming service, as everyone should find out the best ways to offer and distribute their content to the public, which includes movies and cinemas.


Source: Variety