Mony Mint: “the world’s smallest 4G smartphone” the size of a computer mouse for $ 99

As practically all manufacturers continue to increase the size and diagonal of their smartphones’ screens, those daredevils who defy the system and create small, almost toy-like gadgets have vanished. Mony Mint is an example of this, as she has yet to enter the market but has already visited the GSM Arena Review.

What makes this unique?

It is the world’s tiniest 4G smartphone, according to the maker. AND it’s teeny-tiny: his dimensions are 89.545,511,5 mm, and he weighs 75 g. Although, of course, the thickness is greater than that of many modern cellphones.

Also, the baby received 3-inch IPS display from resolution 854×480 points and aspect ratio 16: 9, processor MediaTek MT6735, 3/32 GB memory, bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 4 and battery with a capacity of 1250 mAh. With this size, there is even a slot for two SIM card.

The most interesting thing is that the camera simulates a square block, like in iPhone 12, но on in fact have her not four, and only one sensor per 13 MP. There is also a frontal VGA camera… Version that visited review, runs outdated Android 6, but promise Android 9.

Of course, such a smartphone fits easily into karmane i them can be operated with one hand. But do not use Mony Mint very convenient: on text is hard to see on a tiny screen, small buttons on the display practically does not are pressed and advertising takes up almost all the free space.

How many?

Mony Mist в currently available by price 99 dollars to various early sponsors through crowdfunding platforms, but the official retail price will be 150 dollars.

Source: GSM Arena