Instagram couple quiz: learn where to find the filter and how to play

Casal’s Quiz became a fever in Instagram Stories. The filter created by influence Nathalia Diniz raffles questions for the pair to answer together and share the video with followers on the social network.

We will explain how to do the quiz for couples and also shows other filters with games for fun. Also check out games for couples to post in Stories and Status of WhatsApp.

How to take the couple quiz

1. Open the Instagram app as you normally do and tap on the icon +, at the top right of the screen;

2. Now, at the bottom of the screen, you will see an options bar. Go in Story;

3. Beside the central image capture button, some filters are available. Tap on any of them;

4. Below the capture button, the name of the filter will appear. Tap on it to access a menu of Stories effects;

How to find the couple's Instagram quiz

5. Then tap Search Effects;

6. On Effects Gallery, tap on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the screen;

How to find the Instagram couple quiz

7. type it couple in the search bar and you will see the option created by the profile of the @nathaliardiniz. Tap on it to access.

  • If you prefer, you can check similar games made by other users, which are also listed in the search results.

8. Patch me To experience. You will be taken to the Stories publishing screen. This option also saves the filter for you to access later;

9. Now, call the partner or partner to play. Keep in mind that to save, you must press and hold the circle in the center of the screen throughout the game;

10. To start the drawing of questions, tap the screen. Tap again to stop on one of the questions;

11. If you want to answer more questions, just tap the screen again to make the draw and tap to stop as many times as you like.

Instagram games filters

The games in Instagram filters turned fever. There are options to play alone or with others. You can find them through the Effects Gallery or by accessing the creator’s profile.

Below, we list some games that are on the rise and indicate their creators. The search and use process can be done following the same steps as the tutorial above or by accessing the direct link to the filter if you click on the effect’s name.

1. Stop

Instagram stop filter

the filter Stop, created by the profile @felipezimmermann, takes the joke adedenha or adedenha to Instagram. The user has 20 seconds to answer questions with the chosen letter, such as name, animal, place, etc.

2. What animal does it look like?

animal filter instagram

The fun filter what animal does it look like, from @albertobarbera, pretends to analyze the user’s face and randomly display the animal that the person looks like. Among the options are bats, frogs, sharks, among other animals.

3. Quiz game

Instagram quiz game filter

Instagram Brothers Quiz: See How To Play

O quiz game, also created by @nathaliardiniz, looks like a retelling of the old question notebooks from the 1980s and 1990s. Here, the questions are answered by video, for all followers to watch. It is possible to say about the biggest dream of the moment, if you have a colorful friendship or what is the biggest shame you have ever paid.

4. Flappy Bord

flappy bord instagram filter

An unofficial Instagram version of the hit Flappy Bird, the Flappy Bord also became popular on Instagram. In Stories, the player must move his head to make the bird dodge the pipes. The game was created by @igor.zhurba.

WhatsApp stories and status games for couples

If the posts for couples are what interests you, in addition to the quiz, there are a series of games to be published in Stories on Instagram or Status of WhatsApp. To play, just save the following image to your smartphone gallery and post it on the social network.

Quiz do Mozão

The Quiz do Mozão is a kind of Quiz do Casal in a template version. There are some models floating around on Instagram and WhatsApp, but they all work the same way. Next to the question, you should “sniff out” who in the couple acts more in a certain way.

For example, who is the more jealous, the messiest, or the cutest of the two. Do you agree with all the answers?

Quiz Mozão Instagram Status

Quiz mozão Instagram status

Quiz mozão instagram status

Quiz mozão instagram status

who is the most likely couple

who is most likely

As the name implies, the user needs to mark which of the couple is most likely to go through certain curious situations. Which one would run away from a cockroach or cry with happiness? Mark the column that corresponds to you or the big boy and entertain friends.

Couple’s Quiz: questions and answers

couple quiz

How to Take My Instagram Stories Quiz and Test Your Followers

Another creation of influencer @nathaliardiniz, the image brings questions about the duo to be answered. Share with followers where you met, how long you’ve been together, among others.

relationship bingo

relationship bingo

Just like in a game of bingo, here, those situations that you and your love have already lived must be marked. If you’ve dressed alike by accident or went to a festival together, you can now mark an X in the game.

Crush ideal

Crush ideal

Ideal for singles who like to use Instagram to flirt. Just mark on the image what you are looking for in the perfect crush and wait for the candidates to contact you via inbox.