How to recover deleted conversations and messages on WhatsApp

From time to time, even unintentionally, we can delete a conversation on WhatsApp that was important. Sometimes, in the heat of a moment, we even delete messages we shouldn’t. And if so, there is a way to retrieve conversations in the app. It’s enough that your backup option is activated.

We will explain in this step-by-step how to retrieve and get back conversations and messages. However, the process may not work if the backup file does not contain the deleted contents.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of the time when the last backup was taken. On WhatsApp, you can see more details about this in the option conversations.

How to retrieve WhatsApp conversations

First, check for a backup. WhatsApp has two backup options, on Google Drive and on local disk, making it easy to recover messages and media files whenever you want.

Important: If you’ve just deleted the messages you’re looking for, don’t make a new backup until you’ve recovered all your conversations.

This is because, when storing the data after deleting the messages, when recovering the backup, the information to be shown by the application will be those saved in the last storage. So stay tuned!

1. Access the settings of the cell phone;

2. Go to Storage and memory;

3. Select Applications;

4. In the list, find WhatsApp;

5. tap clear data;

  • By doing this, WhatsApp will delete all information saved on the device. But there’s nothing to worry about: everything will be recovered with the last backup made by the app.

6. Open or WhatsApp;

7. Enter phone number and verify account;

8. On the next screen, choose Restore;

WhatsApp Backup and Restore

9. After restoring the backup, click Advance;

10. Check if you find your deleted messages.

Ready! With the walkthrough above, you should be able to recover conversations based on the last backup made to Google Drive.

This is the only fully safe option for trying to restore old messages and files. So, if you have made a WhatsApp backup after you have deleted the conversations you are looking for, it may not be possible to recover them.

Recover WhatsApp conversations with local backup

WhatsApp always gives preference to backup stored in Google Drive. So, if you want to use a backup file saved on your cell phone, since the application makes several files of this type, just delete the backup in Drive.

To do this, access Google Drive from your computer with your Google account (the same one used to save WhatsApp backups). In settings, find WhatsApp and, if you want, click on Delete hidden data from apps.

WhatsApp no Google Drive

After doing this, you will be free to restore WhatsApp with a backup prior to the one available from Google Drive. However, for the next steps, it will be necessary to install a file manager on your cell phone if you don’t have one.

1. In the file manager, look for WhatsApp and click;

2. Go to Databases;

  • If you don’t find the option, check the device’s internal and external memory.

3. On the next screen, you will have the backups named as follows: msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt9 (YYYY-MM-DD being the date the backup was taken). Rename the desired file to msgstore.db.crypt9.

  • Never change the number after “crypt”, as it indicates the encryption protocol used to create the backup.

4. Uninstall or WhatsApp;
5. Reinstall, set up account and tap Restore when solicited.

End! This way you can retrieve other versions of your WhatsApp and, who knows, find those important messages that were deleted.

On iPhone, it is not possible to restore messages through a local backup, as the device only allows this through the file stored in iCloud.

On Windows Phone it’s the opposite: you can only restore WhatsApp with a local backup, not having the cloud backup storage option.

Export important conversations

Remember that if the messages are not saved in the backup created before the restoration, the conversations will no longer be available, having been lost forever. Therefore, in order not to go through this annoying situation, it is important to think of alternatives so that this does not happen.

Exporting conversations periodically may be an option. WhatsApp allows you to export conversations directly to email and other services, allowing you to save text and media files such as images, videos and audio.

To do this, it’s very simple:

1. Enter the conversation you want to export;

2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner;

3. tap More;

Export WhatsApp conversations

4. Go to Export conversation;

5. Choose whether or not to include media files.

On the next screen, just choose the service to export the conversation to. If sending by email, just enter the address for the address and you’re done! In seconds or minutes, depending on the amount of files to be sent, everything will appear organized in the inbox.

With the tutorials above, you can now delete and restore messages as much as you like, without running the risk of losing what is most important. Always be aware: whatever is in the backup will be the content restored by WhatsApp.

Therefore, exporting conversations is the safest way to not lose messages.